Age B-Mood All Skin Types

Age B-Mood All Skin Types

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This preventive and protective treatment should be used daily by millennials to maximize the benefits of their beauty capital. Its lightweight, melting texture is suitable for all skin types. It features a comprehensive, dual-action formula that prevents the signs of aging inspired by the science of sirtuins, and protects against oxidative stress caused, in particular, by the blue light of tablet and smartphone screens. Day after day, skin is hydrated and better protected from the signs of premature aging. Stronger, its natural beauty and glow is restored.

89% The skin texture is improved*

89% I’m confident in the effectiveness of this cream*

83% I feel that my skin is better protected*

*% of satisfaction expressed by 20 women who use screens very regularly: computer, smartphone, digital tablet after 4 weeks of twice daily use of the product.

Application advice : Apply gently to the face, neck and décolleté every morning and evening after the intense thirst-quenching HYDRA-FRESH SERUM.

Content : 50ml


Macrobie Protector System : Peptide extracted from oryza sativa rice containing sirtuin activating compounds and anionic polysaccharide obtained by biotechnologies - bacterial fermentations. Activates longevity proteins, prevents premature aging by stimulating youth proteins, restores the quality of the barrier function.

Oxyblue System : Purified fraction of Buddleja officinalis flowers and essential micro minerals such as iron, manganese and zinc. Prevents premature photoaging, maintains the normal physiology of the skin by protecting it against free radicals from light rays, oxidative stress, protects the integrity of the skin barrier, stimulates cellular respiration.