New Matis Romantic Garden Product Set Review

Matis Paris Romantic Garden Skincare Set

Matis Gardens is a limited edition set of 3 skincare gifts in a beautiful floral theme. Epicurean Gardens is stunning and Romantic Garden certainly doesn’t let the side down either! Goodness, Matis has really made a wonderful collection in my eyes! Let’s get down to the contents of Romantic Gardens!

Hydra-Mood Serum
Hydra Mood serum
The Hydra-Mood Serum is a pleasantly light, milky serum which melts into the skin quickly upon application. It leaves skin feeling plumped and hydrated.
The Hydra-Mood serum is formulated with both hydrophilic ingredients (sodium hyaluronate) which attract moisture to the skin and humectant ingredients (glycerin, dipeoplene glycol) which retain moisture.


The Hydra Mood serum is pleasantly light but hydrating. It sinks into the skin leaving no residue. It is a great lightweight serum. It is perfect for this time of year where we are longing to plump any dehydrated skin from the long winter months ready for Spring!


City-Mood Moisturizing Balm

City Mood Moisturising Balm not only plumps the skin with hydrating ingredients but protects it from harmful free radicals with its antioxidant properties.
City Mood is formulated with glycerin and squalane helping to replenish the skin and pack in moisture.
A blend of fruit and plant extracts including Cranberry and Fumaria Officinalis protect and soothe the skin, working alongside Matis Paris’ PM03 System Complex which “prevents multiple airborne pollutants (carbon particles, fine nanoparticles) from sticking to the skin, and reduces their negative effects.”
I am a lover of using antioxidants in my skincare routine so I love this addition to the Matis range!

Although City Mood is called a moisturising balm, don’t think of it as a balm in the sense of a cleansing or lip balm texture, it isn’t like that at all. It is light and airy, silky if you will. For those who prefer a more lightweight moisturiser then this is the one for you.


Matis Paris Romantic Garden Skincare Set is yet another gift from the brand that is just so beautiful it makes you want to treat yourself! The serum and moisturising balm in this set make lovely additions to a Spring skincare wardrobe and I’d say are most suited to those who prefer lighter consistency skincare. Normal to oily skins will appreciate the light-weight textures and the fact there is no reside while still achieving beautifully hydrated and protected skin. The moisturising balm could perhaps suit those with more dry skins during the day and be paired with the Authentik-Beauty at nighttime for a more luxury weighted texture. With the Matis Gardens collection there really is something for all skin types!


Special thank you to for this amazing review! Check out her website for more reviews on our Matis products! 

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