MATIS PARIS has reached the Attracta Beauty Awards 2024 FINALISTS in two categories!

We are thrilled to announce MATIS PARIS has reached the ABA24 FINALISTS in 2 categories!

Let’s start with the amazing Authentik-Balm Remover that has been shortlisted as a finalist in the Best Make-Up Remover category. This Product belongs to the MATIS Fondamentale line that offers a routine of ten iconic daily products for make-up remover, cleansing and care for all skin types.

This line proposes products with sensorial textures for the pleasure of self care from the beginning of the beauty routine. Authentik-Balm Remover is a balm-in-oil make-up remover and is suitable for all skin types. The balm has a rich and comfortable texture and is a real make-up remover that cares for the skin. It gently removes makeup from the face and eyes, leaving a soft, velvety finish to the skin. Authentik-Balm formula combines Camellia oil and Macadamia oil known for their emollient properties.

Hydra-Fresh Serum has been shortlisted as a finalist in the Best Hydrating Serum category. This product belongs to the MATIS Preventive Line, the line that offers a routine for first signs of ageing, specifically dedicated to millennials.

This thirst-quenching serum is ideal for dehydrated skin. With its fresh feel and lightweight, water-like texture, it’s as refreshing as a splash of cool water. The benefits of aloe vera and watermelon are combined, contributing to its intense hydrating action. Skin is left feeling hydrated from the first use. Feelings of tightness are reduced. The complexion is radiant and plumped, and the skin is hydrated over the long term.

The Awards will be judged by the very best doctors, aestheticians, beauty professionals and journalists. 

These professionals are all passionate about inclusive and ageless beauty and only apply and work with the most effective products in the industry to make their clients and A-List stars of all ages look sensational. The judging panel have been carefully chosen according to each individual’s extensive knowledge and hands on expertise to judge across this year’s different categories. Each judge understands how powerful and transformative a product can be when used effectively to make someone look and feel beautiful.

The 2024 Attracta Beauty Awards winners will be announced on the 4th of July so we are keeping our fingers crossed for yet another victory!

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