A cold weather skincare routine needs to include products that will protect the skin from the harsh weather conditions, strengthen its barrier and provide a soothing feeling of comfort.

To keep your skin happy and healthy during the winter months, Matis Paris has just launched two new products, Sensi-Cold Cream and Cold-Lip Balm. Both products belong to Reponse Delicate, the Matis line created for sensitive and reactive skins.

Sensi-Cold Cream

Sensi-Cold Cream is a comfort cream suitable for all skin types, and especially sensitive, dry skin exposed to harsh weather conditions.

A cold weather skincare essential, this product acts like a shield, protecting skin from harsh external factors. Its enveloping texture provides immediate comfort and relieves the skin from feelings of tightness. Its formula is based on the synergy of nutrient-rich shea butter, camellia oil, and a protective, anti-dehydration active ingredient.

In addition to the formula’s shielding effects, it also contains everlasting plant extract. Everlasting is a rare and precious plant, renowned for its ability to withstand harsh climatic conditions. It acts on the skin's appearance and comfort, and in addition, its properties help stimulate the production of relaxing molecules: ß-endorphins. It protects the skin from external aggression and also helps to soothe the skin. As a result, the skin is protected, nourished, more supple and feels more comfortable. Stronger, all its natural beauty and integrity is preserved.

Cold-Lip Balm

Cold-Lip Balm, another cold weather skincare essential was created for dry, damaged lips affected by cold conditions. Suitable for all skin types and ages, it has a sensual, velvety texture that brings comfort and nourishment. With a light sheen, it leaves the lips with the perfect finish.

The formula blends white beeswax and shea butter, forming a protective barrier to intensely nourish, relieve, and protect lips from aggressive external factors. The formula also contains Camellia oil which is rich in essential fatty acids. This oil is recognized for its softening and nourishing properties, while regulating the skin's natural moisture system. Ideal for dry skin, it acts gently bringing a feeling of comfort and giving it a velvety touch.

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